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Adoption Policy

Under the animal welfare act anyone who is responsible for a pet has a legal responsibility to meet the five basic welfare needs of pets these are:

 A proper diet, including fresh water

Somewhere suitable to live

To be housed with or apart from other animals depending on the pet.

To be allowed to express normal behaviour

Protection from and the treatment of, illness or injury.

Adopting an animal from us

When you apply to rehome an animal from us, we’ll need to share personal information such as your name, address and telephone number, email address to enable a home visit by one of our volunteer home-visitors.

We try to make sure that all animals are microchipped when they’re rehomed from us; this is a legal requirement in relation to dogs. We will share your personal information with a microchip company in case your animal goes missing. Depending on which microchip is used, this may be one of several providers.


Families with children under the age of 5 years will be considered on an individual basis although it is our policy not to re-home kittens and puppies of 6 months and under to homes with small children.

If the home is rented property, written consent will be required before we can allocate a home visit. The tenancy agreement should be available to show the home visitor that you are permitted to have pets in the property.

If the home visit is successful we would expect you to collect your new companion as soon as possible and certainly within 7 days. We are unable to hold animals whilst people are away on holiday etc as we have an extensive waiting list of animals needing to come in.

Please note you will not be given a decision immediately after the home visit but within 24 hours afterwards. If you are not successful please do not be offended and please do not become abusive. It maybe that your home is close to a road, train line, or river. There are certain roads that we know about that are notorious for road accidents involving animals so please respect our decision.

Adopting Cats

For people working full-time, we would suggest taking two adult cats, rather than one. They would benefit from each other’s company during the day.

Kittens (under 6 months) will not be re-homed to people working full-time. This is as a result of the need to feed them 3 times per day, and not to be left for to long un supervised

Cats should not be homed to flats unless it is a ground floor flat with a direct access to a garden. All cats should have access to some form of outdoor space once they have settled in.

Cats will only be rehomed as indoor cats if there is a medical reason to do so such as being blind, deaf or FIV or having some form of disability.

No cat should be re-homed into a property on a busy road location. The cat must be rehomed to a permanent address and not temporary accommodation, or caravan mobile parks where there is not permanent residency.

You must be able to provide veterinary care for your cat in the event they need it ( not a charity such as PDSA or RSPCA ), regular worming and flea treatments and yearly vaccinations.

All kittens will be neutered prior to be adopted. ( unless their is a medical reason or they are to young, where a full cost neutering voucher will be issued.)

Kittens must be kept securely indoors untill they are 5-6 months of age and must be neutered prior to being let out.

Adult cats should be kept securely indoors for a minimum of 3-4 weeks before being let out. If you are going to let your cat wear a collar, please make sure it is a quick release collar and not one containing elastic as these can cause serious collar injuries.

Adopting Dogs

Dogs are generally not re-homed to flats unless it is a ground floor flat with direct access into a well fenced garden.

Puppies should be homed with people who are home for most of the time.

All homes for dogs must have a garden with suitable secure fencing with no escape holes.

Dogs will not be re-homed as guard dogs or for breeding or hunting.

Dogs must not live outside or be chained or tethered in any fashion.

Prospective owners must have a fixed address.

Dogs should not be homed to people who work full-time and intend to leave the dog alone during this time; it is our belief that no dog should be left for more than four hours at a time.

Dogs must always wear a collar with an ID tag.

The list above is not intended to stop people from adopting our animals, we want nothing more than to see our cats and dogs, rabbits in loving new homes. However, many of our animals have suffered trauma in their lives and we want to do our utmost to ensure that their new home is one for life where they can live the life that they deserve. By selecting our adoption homes carefully, we maximise the chance of the match being successful and the relationship being a long and happy one. We would ask that all potential adopters think carefully about the reality of pet ownership before going ahead. Pets can be wonderful, loyal and loving at best but also expensive, time-consuming and destructive at worst.

We recommend that all new owners take out pet insurance to ensure peace of mind should the animals be involved in an accident/illness. We also ask owners to consider the costs involved in caring for the animals routine veterinary treatment, food etc. what provisions you would need to make for your pet when you are on holiday, such as boarding fees.

Finally we want to be sure that every member of the family is keen to adopt the animal; this may include considering any existing animals in the household! However, if all of the above has been carefully considered and you are still keen to go ahead and adopt an animal, we would love to hear from you. We would expect any existing animals in the household to be already neutered and up to date with vaccinations.

Application forms are available for cats and dogs, please fill in and return to animals@rspcaeastnorfolk.org.uk or call us for a chat on our adoption line 07867 972870.

Cat & Kitten Application form (PDF)

Dog & Puppy Application Form (PDF)

We charge a small adoption fee of £60.00 for cats and £100.00 – £200.00 for dogs. This in no way covers the costs involved in caring for the animal. It only helps us continue our welfare services.

The Fee Includes

1) A thorough medical by a Vet.

2) Vaccination.

3) Neutering.

4) Identity micro-chip.

Please note we will not rehome an animal to an area where it was found/injured or abandoned.

For more information please telephone our Adoption Co-ordinator, on mobile number 07867 972870 .