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Florence (Flo) - RESERVED

1 year old | Female | Black & white | Domestic Shorthair

Florence, affectionately known as ‘Flo’, came to us when she was found as a stray who had just given birth to a kitten. She was still in labour, but no more kittens arrived, so she had to undergo a caesarian. Two more kittens were delivered, but very sadly, one died. A couple of weeks later, one of the surviving kittens also passed away, so poor Flo only had one kitten left to care for, she was named Summer.

By chance, we had another kitten of the same age come into our care without a mum, so Flo took her on as if she were her own. We named her Autumn, and she had to undergo a foreleg amputation, which was a big deal for a tiny kitten. Flo was there for her through it all, and she also looked after another solo kitten named Storm, so she had three ‘babies’ again for a while.

After all the love and care she has given to these kittens, Flo now deserves a loving home of her own. She is very laid back and likes a fuss, but isn’t a ‘lap cat’. She loves to play with toys. She should be able to live with another cat, but unfortunately does not like dogs!

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Summer and Autumn - RESERVED

3 months old | Females | Black & white / Tabby & white | Domestic Shorthairs

Summer and Autumn are looking for a new home together. Autumn was sadly found tied to a fence with a severely injured leg at just 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, her leg was too badly damaged to be saved, so it had to be amputated. She coped incredibly well with her ordeal and continues to do so. 

Summer was born to a stray mum and was paired with Autumn to help her cope with the challenges she faced. They get on fantastically well and it is actually Autumn who is the far more confident of the two.

Due to the leg Autumn is missing being a foreleg, both she and Summer will need to be kept safe either indoors-only, or with access to a secure cat-proofed garden or ‘catio’.

We ask that kittens of this age are not left alone for more than approx 4 hours per day, as they need regular feeds, company, and to be kept a close eye on.

Apply to adopt Summer and Autumn here

Billy and Scatty

9 weeks old | Males | Black & white | Domestic Shorthair

These gorgeous boys are looking for a home together. They came to us when their owner was no longer able to care for them.

Billy and Scatty are very well socialised, and are typically playful, friendly kittens.

We ask that kittens of this age are not left alone for more than approx 4 hours per day, as they need regular feeds, company, and to be kept a close eye on.

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RSPCA East Norfolk cat Abigail


14 years old | Female | Black/brown | Domestic Shorthair

This lovely lady came into our care when her owner was unable to provide treatment for a flea allergy that had developed. She also had poor teeth that needed attention. After some treatment and TLC, she is doing much better. Her new owner will need to keep up regular flea treatments, so her allergy does not flare up again in future.

Abigail is very sweet and affectionate, and likes to nuzzle you and give headbumps. She is looking for a quiet home to enjoy her twilight years in, receiving some much-needed love and affection – which she will give to you in return.

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4 years old | Male | Tabby & White | Domestic Shorthair

Handsome Dodger came into our care when his owner moved out and sadly left him behind. We discovered he has a history of flea allergic dermatitis, which was left untreated for some time and he had very sore, scabby skin when he arrived with us. This is now under control and he is looking and feeling much better. His new owner will need to keep up regular treatment for him, to make sure this does not flare up again in future.

Dodger is an independent boy, who likes his own space. He enjoys a fuss, but will let you know when he has had enough. He can be a little ‘flighty’, so needs an adult only home where his owners understand he is his own man and may not want constant attention!

As far as we know, he has always been an only-cat, so we would suggest a home without other pets.

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