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18 months old | Male | Cream/grey/ginger | Rabbit

This is the handsome Peter Rabbit. He is looking for an experienced rabbit owner who understands how to care for their teeth. When he arrived, his poor mouth was in an awful state and he will need regular check ups and possibly treatment in the future.

Peter loves a fuss, but is not the biggest fan of being picked up! He is looking for a home with a neutered female rabbit.

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1 year old | Male | Black and white | Dutch rabbit

Harley arrived at our branch as an unclaimed stray found by the roadside in a cardboard box who had terrible injuries to his neck.  His injuries were treated and have now healed with no ongoing issues.

Harley is just over a year old, a lively little fellow, who loves his greens and enjoys human interaction. Harley soon learnt to play ball and tolerates being held and fussed.
This little character is sure to be the perfect bunny once he gains your trust ,if you think you could give Harley the home he deserves please contact us.

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Diamond and Crystal - RESERVED

4 years / 9 months old | Male / Female | Grey / White and Grey | Rabbits

Diamond is a very sweet and friendly 4 year old male grey rabbit. He will come to greet you as soon as he sees you and can easily be handled. He came into our care when he sadly broke his right hind leg and his owner could not afford the treatment he needed. Unfortunately, his poor leg was too damaged to be saved and had to be amputated. He coped really well with this and all his follow-up treatment. He does struggle a little to get around on slippery surfaces, such as tiled flooring, so his new home will need to account for this.

Diamond was bonded with a female bunny of 9 months old, white and grey, named Crystal. She was a little nervous to start, but Diamond has helped her become much more confident. They really love each other and must be rehomed together.

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Shreddie and Sugarpuff - REHOMED

1 year old | Females | Grey and white | Russian Dwarf hamsters

Shreddie and Sugarpuff are sisters and came to us with several of their other siblings when their owner sadly passed away. These girls have always lived together and get on well, so must be rehomed as a pair.

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