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Success stories

These are just a few of the animals that have been rehomed recently. Please send us photos and an update – we love to hear how everyone is getting along!

Rhys and Lauren rehomed Carrot Cake

We rehomed Carrot Cake as we fell in love with his little face and the fact he had FIV didn’t scare us at all. He slowly put on weight and now he loves chicken and salmon the most! He’s made our family complete and we’re making sure he helps other FIV kitties in the world by promoting FIV awareness and supporting shelter adoption. He’s the most chilled out house cat ever! He also loves to play with his leopard mouse and has great ball skills where we can pass a jingle ball between us and him for hours! He also has the best turbo charged purr ever!

Clare adopted Peppa earlier this year

We first saw her picture on the RSPCA East Coast Norfolk Branch Facebook page in early June 2019. She looked liked a little dumpling with the littlest legs and the biggest body and we both fell completely in love and knew we had to see if we could adopt her. We already have Frank the Pug and Cherry the Pug x, who is also a rescue dog, but felt that the addition of Peppa would make our little family complete. We filled out our application form and waited and waited and waited. There were a few issues that Peppa had that they were trying to fix before we could meet her. We would bombard Faye (from the RSPCA) weekly with emails asking how Peppa was and if there was any news and when could we meet her. Faye would always give us updates and was so patient with our relentless badgering. Then finally we got the news that we we had been waiting for, they had overcome the ear issues that were causing her so much pain and discomfort and we could meet her.
This is the photo from Facebook

On the 23rd July we packed up Frank and Cherry to go and meet Faye and Peppa. To say we fell in love with Peppa soon as we met her was an understatement. She was very very overweight and we knew that if we were lucky enough to adopt her it would be a difficult road ahead but we were more than ready to take on the challenge as we just knew she was going to be worth it. She got on great with Frank and Cherry so that was the final concern that we had ticked off. Next was the formality of the home check which we passed. As soon as the home check was approved we contacted Faye and we picked her up the same day.

The first evening and night was really tough. Poor Peppa was panting and really unsettled. We had been warned that she would struggle the first few hours so we were prepared for it but it was still difficult to watch her struggle and come to terms with the latest change in her life. She was awake for most of the night before she eventually settled in one of the pugs beds, well not quite in as she is such a big dog she kind of spilled out of it which in any other circumstance would have been funny but at this point it was just a relief that she had settled down somewhere.

From that night on as her weight started to decrease then the real Peppa started to shine through. She loves to play and wrestle and after she has done lots of that she loves to cuddle and sleep. With walks now twice a day, come rain or shine, the extra weight has just fallen off her. She had not really been walked before and she is still not a fan but we get there slowly turning surely. Her truly favourite place is the beach where she loves to run, paddle and play.

The only big problem that she has had, through no fault of her own, was a problem with her eyes. With the help and support of the RSPCA she had an operation to remove excess skin to stop her eyelids from rolling round into her eyes causing ulcers. It was a big operation for her and so worrying for us. It was very distressing to see her straight after the operation but it has made such a big difference to her eyes and her nose fold.

Her ears still require daily care and we know they will for the rest of her life but we don’t mind as she is now an integral part of our family and we would be completely lost without her. Our Peppa[potamus] brings us so much joy and really completes our family. We enjoy sending Faye regular updates to keep her informed about Peppa’s journey.

For anyone who is thinking of adopting a dog (or cat) from the RSPCA then I would highly recommend it as you can make such a difference to them and make their lives so happy. The rewards that you get back from them are immense.

Karen and her family adopted Pearl from us last year

We adopted Pearl last year. She was a skinny, nervous, threadbare little scrap who’d had a rotten start in life: owned then abandoned by an animal hoarder, pregnant when she was little more than a kitten herself, and forced to raise her babies outside. She was eventually trapped and rescued by an RSPCA Inspector.

We immediately fell in love with her at the cattery when she ventured out of her box, squeaked at us, then tumbled over on her side so we could rub her belly.

After we brought her home she turned into the kitten she’d never had to chance to be the first time around, and would spend hours playing. She loves boxes, catnip mice and sunbathing on the warm patio. She’s still not so keen on loud noises or sudden movements, but she’s a happy, playful, and affectionate little cat, and very much loved.