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Cat & Dog Fostering

Cat Fostering

Would you like to become a foster parent? Foster homes are needed all year round for different reasons, we ask that you have a spare room available to keep the rescue cat separate from your own pets. Some of the animals that come in to our care are frightened and may also be unwell. Having them separated helps control, the spread of infection, but also helps them settle quickly. We will not foster an entire male cat in to a home environment due to the smell.


If pregnant or nursing cats are in a foster home, this helps the animal by relieving stress, and helps us to accommodate many other animals at the boarding cattery that are ready for rehoming.

Orphaned Litters

We occasionally have orphaned kittens brought into us, which are not quite old enough to be rehomed, but have been weaned from their mum. Youngsters benefit from being in foster, as this helps to socialise them with people, and home sounds e.g. television, vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc.


Some of our animals have been involved in road accidents. Some injuries can be horrific and the animal may need at least 6 weeks cage rest. Foster homes can provide a quiet environment for recuperating cats .
The most common injuries involve fractures to the legs and pelvis.


Some adult cats can become stressed by the change of environment. Coming from home comforts to cattery can be a huge difference. Stressed animals can change behaviour quickly, which may result in them being overlooked by potential adopters, which results in them staying in the cattery for longer.


At certain times of the year there is never enough space, having that extra emergency space can mean all the difference to us being able to help the animal in need.

What will it cost you?

No cost is involved for the fosterer, all equipment, food and veterinary treatment is provided by the branch.
The only things we request is spare time, spare room and lashings of love.

What are the rewards?

Safe knowledge that you have helped an animal in its time of need until a new caring home is found.
Affection from the animal you are caring for. A nice warm feeling inside.

What is the next step?

If you are able to offer a temporary home to a needy animal, complete the application form and return it to the RSPCA East Norfolk Branch by email manager@rspcaeastnorfolk.org.uk. A home visit will be carried out, and if successful, your name will be added to our list of foster homes. Expect to receive a phone call soon after this as we always have cats in need of that extra special care. This is such a rewarding thing to do. Once the cats are ready for rehoming we will move them to our boarding cattery, unless there is a stress related issue in which they may be rehomed from foster care if agreed.. Foster homes can be needed for just a week or up to three months maximum.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Cat adoption and fostering application (PDF)

Dogs Needing Short Term Foster Homes

We are also appealing for  suitable foster carers to help care for dogs in their own homes whilst they are waiting for adoption. Most of the dogs that come in to our care need special attention and some just need bags of TLC. They may have been abused or neglected and will need time and patience to adjust.

You will need to have a home visit to see if the environment is suitable and secure, and to discuss any issues or questions that you may have. The Branch will support you in terms of cost and all food and veterinary bills will be covered. We will also supply you with beds, blankets, toys and of course back up support from the branch animal welfare co-ordinator. We would ask for a report on the first few days and then weekly on the dogs behaviour and progress. This would be beneficial to the new potential adopter to know what to expect during the settling in process.

We would ask that you have experience of caring for dogs and that you are at home for most of the day. You will also need patience to deal with the dog’s odd habits or nervous quirks. Ideally you  would live within a 15 mile radius of Great Yarmouth.  Due to some of our dogs having unknown histories we would not foster them to a family with Children under the age of 12. This is for the benefit of the child and the animal.

You would need to have your own transport and have a car available to you in the event of an emergency. You should be willing to transport the dog to the vets if necessary. If you think that you fit the criteria and you want to do something that is so rewarding then get in touch. If you have dogs of your own we do ask that they are neutered and vaccinated.

Fostering can be hard work but so rewarding when you see a happy healthy dog going to start a new life with their new family. You can say” I made that happen” Fantastic!

If you would like to be considered as a foster carer or want more information email manager@rspcaeastnorfolk.org.uk

Dogs foster and adoption form (PDF)