07867 972870 (adoption) or 0300 1234 999 (emergency & cruelty) manager@rspcaeastnorfolk.org.uk

The Clinic

Our welfare clinic has been open since 1961 helping local animals in need. We continually fight to keep open this vital service, in 2019 we gave veterinary care to over 2500 animals.

The clinic is located on Tar Works Road, Gt. Yarmouth, NR30 1QR. Tel. 01493 858936

Our branch is extremely fortunate in having these facilities which enable us to offer a clinic session for sick pets. These are available to all those people living in our area who are on benefits and would otherwise be unable to have their pets treated. It is serviced by Toll Barn Vets, North Walsham who is supported by our Clinic Manager, Lindsay, and an excellent team of volunteers.

All dogs and cats using the clinic services must be micro-chipped and should be neutered at the earliest opportunity to avoid unnecessary breeding and for health benefits.

If you are breeding for monetary gain or have repeated litters we will refuse to see you and you should attend a private vet.  We can offer FREE micro chipping of your animals at this clinic when seeing the vet.

Read our full Hospital & Clinic T&Cs


    What are the opening times?

    The RSPCA Clinic is manned by a vet every,

    Tuesday from: 10.00 till 12.30 and 1.30 till 4.00 (Pre booked appointments with Vet only)

    Thursday from: 2 till 4.30 (Pre booked appointments with Vet only)

    Emergencies will take priority if they arise.

    Fridays* there is a Flea and worm and neutering voucher clinic only from 3 till 4pm

    *No vet is in attendance and it is manned by a suitably qualified person

    How much does it cost?

    A consultation with our veterinary surgeon costs £10 per animal. Any medications prescribed will be charged for at a heavily subsidised price.

    Vaccinations are available priced at just £35.00 for cats, dogs and rabbits.

    Is my pet eligible for treatment by the RSPCA East Norfolk clinic?

    The Clinic provides veterinary treatment for animals whose owners cannot afford private veterinary treatment. The Standards, Protocols and Guidance of the Clinic are devised with the consideration of the Memorandum of Understanding between the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association (October 2006). The East Norfolk RSPCA, as a party to this understanding accepts a need to ensure that its veterinary services are only offered to those who genuinely cannot afford private veterinary fees.

    In order to comply with this understanding, owners will only be eligible for assisted veterinary treatment if they are dependent upon receipt of state benefits or have positive proof of financial hardships.

    Owners who are able to pay ordinary veterinary fees shall be referred to local private veterinary practices. Please note that the Clinic will only provide subsidised treatment for 4 animals per registered client. A maximum of 4 animals can be registered at any one time. Each individual pet can only be registered once. If a pet is removed from your list of animals for any reason, it may not be re-registered.


    What services are offered?

    We can provide POM-Vs antibiotics, pain relief, ear drops, eye drops, anti-inflammatory & flea & worming products, household flea treatments as well as other medications that the veterinary surgeon prescribes. Anal gland expressing, nail clipping, and vaccinations can also be carried out. We do not undertake any surgical procedures that require a general anesthetic. We will be able to offer blood tests, if deemed necessary by the vet. The costs will be communicated and these costs must be paid at the time of the blood being taken.


    What if my pet needs help outside of these hours?

    Outside opening hours, the main clinic telephone number 01493 858936 is diverted to an answer machine . The answer machine gives opening times and general advice. It also gives a contact number for callers who have a problem which needs urgent advice/attention. It is important that callers listen to the whole of the answer phone message. This machine can not take messages.

    The RSPCA East Norfolk Branch will not be responsible for the settling of any bills incurred at a private vets.

    If you need further emergency assistance please call the RSPCA National Control Centre on 0300 1234 999.

    Pet owners are reminded that they will be asked to produce up to date evidence which shows that they are, at the time, in receipt of benefit. Please do not embarrass our volunteers by turning up without your proof of benefits. This is to stop people abusing the limited charity funds.