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RSPCA East Norfolk


The most important part of our work is giving the best possible care to all those animals that are brought to us. Mostly, we receive them because they are unwanted, neglected, or have been ill-treated.

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We Need Your Help

To make a donation to help us to continue our welfare clinic and our rehabilitation & rehoming of animals in our care, please click on the link below.

We have many sick and injured animals that need our help.

Our Activities

What We Do

Animal Adoption

Many of the animals in our care have never experienced life in a loving, family home. Can you give one the happy future they deserve?

Animal Welfare

We can’t help everyone so we try and provide to those who need our help the most. Check with us to see if you are eligible for low-cost vet care.

Fund Raising

Local charity shops play a key role in our fund-raising activites. All money recieved goes towards helping local animals.

Getting Involved

Save an Animal

Could you offer an animal a home?

We are always in need of kind, caring people who will adopt one of our animals under our re-homing scheme. Please visit our adoption page for further details of the cats, dogs and other small animals we have that are waiting for a home.

Could you help financially?

Perhaps you might feel able to sponsor the Branch or kindly send a donation. We really would appreciate any help you might be able to give. Do, please, take the time to find out about us and the work we do by looking at the rest of our web site.

Could you be a fosterer?

Would you like to become a foster parent? Foster homes are needed all year round for different reasons. We have mums that are pregnant or nursing, convalescents, orphaned litters  and stressed animals that need extra care. No costs are involved to the fosterer.

Get Involved

We are a local charity helping animals within our area, we need extra volunteers to help with the ever increasing amount of animals needing our care.


Pet Adoption Notes

Adopting VS Buying

  • You are saving a life. …
  • You will save money. …
  • Helping to eradicate puppy and kitten farms …
  • Can improve your health and make you happier. …
  • Can benefit children. …
  • Most of the animals are house trained. …
  • Unconditional love.

Finding the RIGHT Pet

Come and visit the cats by arranging an appointment to view them. At our Branch we are very personal and hands-on and get to learn more about their characters every day we care for them. We can use that knowledge to help you choose your new companion.


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