Small Animal Gallery

For more information please phone our Rehoming Co-Ordinator on 07867 972870.



Faith is looking for her home with another male bunny for company.

She is neutered, chipped and vacinated and her partner would need to be the same.

Rabits need plenty of space available to them 24 hours a day. See note below.



Budgie yellow and green looking for a new home

call for more details.

We ask for a minimum donation of £25.00 for every Rabbit, or £45 for a bonded pair.  All our rabbits are neutered, vaccinated against Myxi and VHD and micro chipped.

There is an adoption fee of £30 for Ferrets, they are neutered, and micro chipped and vaccinated.

There is a minimum donation fee of £10 for every Guinea pig.

 For more info on rabbits see 

All our rabbits will need a hutch with minimum dimensions of 6ft x 2ft x 2ft, they must also have an attached permanant run of at least 6ft x 8ft or larger which is secure to predators such as foxes. This must also have shelter and places to hide. Ideal housings are small sheds with attached runs.

If they are to be bonded with another Rabbit we would like your other Rabbit to be neutered and also vaccinated against Myxi. Whilst bonding both rabbits should have access to separate sleeping areas.

Rabbits will need to have toys to stimulate them such as old flower pots filled with hay, a sand tray would be good for them to dig and burrow in. Plus tubes for them to hide as they are prey animals.