Happy Endings

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These are just a few of the animals that have been rehomed recently. Please send us photos and an update - we love to hear how everyone is getting along!


This is Alfie the once feral kitten now 16 weeks old, he has settled so well in to his new home with Cleo his new Big sister.

Its lovely to see you looking so happy now Alfie. 


This is Lucy lapping up the good life on the sofa, she was adopted from us in July 2017 and has a family that adore her so much.

Lucy loves to lay out in the sun in the summer, and even has a special bush to lay under in the garden.

She also tells us that she gets lots of love, plenty of food and yummy treats.

Its all your deserve lovely Lucy. 

Another chilled out lady, meet Lacey she was adopted from us in January this year and you can clearly see who is the boss. I hear she has a special place on her owner Toms lap and hasnt moved off much since being with them.

She has well and truly landed on her paws.

Me and my partner adopted Bradley middle of April 2014 after instantly falling in love with him. After a shaky start as he was nervous, he has turned into the most loyal loving cat on the planet. He is certainly a fair weather cat and when cold loves nothing better then cuddles on the sofa with his human mum (me) or getting into our bed under the duvet and snuggling up. However in the summer he loves laying out in the sun on a sun bed. He loves his food and has put on rather a lot of weight!! 

Our lovely, crazy, cuddly kittens!
Butcher family, Haddiscoe. 


My partner and I adopted Spud and Pudding, now called Stan and Ollie in Dec 2014. They were both quite shy to start with and lived under the sofa. But they soon became very friendly, both love sitting on our laps as well as patrolling the local neighborhood! Ollie in particular likes having his tummy tickled, and they still frequently curl up together to sleep. Thank you RSPCA for these wonderful furry additions to our family.


This is diesel and batman they were adopted by me batman was adopted on 17/11/15 he is 18 months old and was scared at first but has really come out of his shell he is a confident and happy cat now he loves play fighting with diesel they are both very close
Diesel was adopted on 19/10/15 he is 16 weeks and such a cheeky boy loves his cuddles and playing he runs around and has helped batman settle in and brought him out his shell

These two are Brother and Sister. They were from a feral colony at the allotments in Cobholm. They were very scared when they arrived but have learned to trust us. They still hide if a stranger comes to the door. The black boy, Huelmo Buggle-chumps, is an excellent hunter and his territory is huge. His Sister Tabitha, who is nicknamed Giblets (it stems back to when she had an abscess near her tail and someone said it looked like her giblets were showing) she loves fuss and throws herself about so that you don't miss any parts of her for a good scrumbling, she's sweet and gentle and her belly fur is so soft it's like a powder puff.......
This is Splodgett McGrodgett Feathers McGraw who came to us with another little boy, who sadly passed away a few months after he came to live with us. Splodgett is our special needs cat, we have to go and fetch him in at night or he would stay outside. He's adorable and has the loudest purr that I have ever heard. He's always waiting for me to go to bed at night and makes an excellent bed warmer. After his friend passed away he was very lost so we found another friend for him and called her Charlotte. Unfortunately she was found dead by a neighbour, we think that she was clipped by a car. We now have Lilith, they tolerate each other but Splodge has never bonded with another cat since his first proper friend. He's a very big boy, he loves fuss and being brushed and just HAS to come to the loo with you.......